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Monday, January 23, 2006

C.S. Lewis and Basketball?

In order to offset today’s earlier Tale of Horror, and mostly because it’s a fascinating post, I’m recommending that you go read R. Sherman’s Of C.S. Lewis and Eighth Grade Girls Basketball. Anytime hoops collide with theology, I’m a fan; and this is doubly true when C.S. Lewis is in the mix (at point guard?). This post has all the signs of becoming one of the Great Ones.

Disclaimer: Obviously, you should discount Sherman’s mutterings about Jayhawk hoops. MU fans have a tendency toward sour grapes, especially after they get blown out by a traditional Big 12 weakling. (Heh he he.)

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Will Robison said...

You neglected to mention the Part One aspect of said post... ;)

Ariel said...

Sometimes it's best not to overstate the beauty of an attraction (like a natural park or a blog post), because then people may think you're describing something way to good be true, and conclude that you're making it up.

But since Will points it out, OK. I admit it: the post, having multiple parts is even better than described.

But it really does exist.

R. Sherman said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning me although now the pressure is on to come up with something erudite. BTW, the team is the Wildcats and their logo is disturbingly similar to K-State.



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