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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Promise-Keeping God (Audio)

Something amazing has taken place.

For the first time ever, a message I preached is available on the internet. Linking this right before Thanksgiving is fitting in a couple ways. One, the theme inspired thankfulness when I preached it: Promise-Keeping God. Two, I'm thankful that this message was converted from two cassette tapes (!) into MP3 format and posted online. Didn't know that was possible, did you?

The full title was Promise-Keeping God Seeks Idol-Mongering People. A little retro, but I explain "mongering" in the intro. Excited yet? This dates back to July 1--so if you think this message is lacking, just remember that I was younger then.

You can download the MP3 for your player by right-clicking and saving the file (at the very bottom of the page) or can play it online by just clicking the title. You can also close the browser in disgust at this point or download the file and then drag it to the recycling bin. (Yeah, I'm having a case of nerves as I post's the whole "first time" thing.)

And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Andy said...


I'll be listening on my iPod sometime in the next couple of days.

You realize I'll have to write a post about it, right?

Ariel said...

Thanks, Andy. You're too kind. I apologize in advance for the quality of the's not the greatest.

Steve said...

Looks like Johnny has one up there, too.


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