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Friday, November 09, 2007

I Am Now an anti-Shelfari Activist

LibraryThing, the premier online book-cataloging system, heard my shrill voice of protest, and referenced my post (along with 50 others) in an attempt to get Shelfari to clean up their act. Note to Shelfari's staff: stop arguing about your supposed innocence and just fix the offending system! Then we'll believe that you're acting in good faith.

Until that happens, I'm proud to be carrying the anti-"social-networking rapists" flag. Here's my original protest post: ShelfSpam! A Story of Books, Trickery, and Embarrassment.

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Josh said...


I just posted on our blog a fairly detailed explanation of what the problem was with the Shelfari invitation system and how we took steps to fix it last week.

You'll see that we're acting in good faith.


Check it out and tell me what you think.


Ariel said...

Thanks for the link, Josh. Yes, this looks good. Overdue, but enough for me to step off my anti-Shelfari soapbox. Solid fix.


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