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Friday, November 09, 2007

No Fear of Atheists

Michael Spencer (iMonk) has written a smart, smash-mouth post dealing with atheism and atheistic books and movies--specifically Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass. Should we engage with atheistic elements of culture, or run to hide the women and children in the basement? Spencer:

I recognize that some of those telling me to warn young people actually want me to tell them not to see the movie at all or to ever read the Phillip Pullman novels on which they are based. Sorry, but I can’t endorse that approach.

Others simply don’t want young people to be unaware that the movies may be an extension of Pullman’s stated agenda to use his art to promote atheism in the same way C.S. Lewis used Narnia to promote Christianity. That’s appropriate, or at least should be if, after actually being viewed, the movies prove to be such an extension. If they promote atheism in the same way Star Wars promotes dualism I hope Christians won’t waste too much time picketing out front.

Read the whole article. I appreciate the way Spencer articulates his position, which I share. It's silly to run away from atheistic thinking when the answers Christ provides are not only different but better. Need proof? Take a look at the online debate/conversation between Douglas Wilson and Christopher Hitchens.

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Platypus King said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog, and thanks for the article links! It will make for some good Sunday afternoon reading.

And happy birthday!


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