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Monday, November 26, 2007

Aidan's Music Picks for Fall/Winter 2007

Aidan owns a constantly-growing ball collection (47 and 1/2 last time we counted), likes to wrestle, and is quick on his feet, but he has a softer side as well. He loves music, picks out his favorite instruments (guitar, drums and piano), and requests his current hit songs several times a day. Here are his picks for Fall/Winter '07.

1. "Intuition," by Feist, from The Reminder. This song was an instant favorite, essentially because of a reprise at the end where Feist sings, "Did I? Did I?" repeatedly--in a pretty, lilting way. Aidan began singing along immediately (I'm serious--he was helping me assemble a book shelf at the time, so I remember quite clearly)--except his enunciation isn't so good, so he sings, "Dee-da, dee-da." In Aidan's lexicon, this is "the dee-da song."

2. "Brotherhood of Man," by The Innocence Mission, from We Walked in Song. This one became a preferred pick after Asher was born. Always eager to brag on his status as "big brother," Aidan loves this song for the nice melody and automatic ego boast. He calls it the "brother song."

3. "All My Tears," by Jars of Clay, from Good Monsters. Aidan is a good dancer, so the edgy guitar riffs on this song really grabbed him. However, the vocals at the very end sealed the deal. Dan Haseltine gets some backing for a wordless final reprise that is bittersweet and haunting. (Like his dad, Aidan is kind of a sucker for this stuff.)

4. "Jesusland," by Ben Folds, from Songs for Silverman. Ben Folds is an everyman type of guy, and he manages to pull off really pretty piano melodies without seeming like a wuss. That predisposed Aidan to like him. But the soaring backing vocals (again, Aidan likes sweet melodies) and interesting spiritual content make this particular song a repeat favorite.

5. Hickory Dickory Dock, by Lindsay, from Songs Lindsay Sings to Aidan. Uh, this one isn't available to the general public yet.

If you have a minute to listen to any of these songs, Aidan is interested in your thoughts. Do you like them? How do you identify them when needed? Do you sing along?

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Will Robison said...

Its good to see that Aidan hasn't gone down that Little Einstein's path or The Wiggles or Johnny and the Sprites. His musical grasp is already incredibly advanced for one his age. I mean, Hickory Dickory Dock... wow, that's pretty deep stuff. I tried to find it on Itunes, but they said it was too obscure for them. Any toddler can embrace Feist - Lord knows that I wish I could - but to grasp the nuances of Hickory Dickory Dock (or the HDD, as we like to call it in the music world) that takes real genius. ;)


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