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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Books Are Better Than Your Books

Surely you heard about that $5 book sale over at Desiring God a few weeks ago, which allowed me to exponentially expand my library for the price of a large Chicago-style pizza? Oh. You didn't? Well, I'm sorry. I hope you ordered double pepperoni on the pizza.

Personally, my summer "break" will consist of reading (or thinking about reading) about some of my favorite topics, guided by John Piper, one of America's finest living theologians. Bittersweetness. Keepin' on. Fighting. And Sex. I think you would have to try really hard to beat this line-up.

The good news for you, if you missed the virtual book giveaway, is that, thanks to Desiring God's generous distribution policies, you can buy all of these titles at very affordable prices. Say, maybe for the cash it would take you to buy a couple deep dish pies. Too bad you missed that blow-out sale.

OK, I'm done gloating now.

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Rodney Olsen said...

I checked the sale out but the prices they were quoting on postage meant that it wasn't worth it for me. I think they need to find someone else to handle their postage.

Ariel said...

The price of overseas postage is a killer. I wanted to open up my recent book giveaway internationally, but couldn't pull it off for that reason... apparently I need to develop some contacts inside the USPS.

Andrew & Alaina said...

We happily took advantage of it but are still waiting for our order. I guess word got around and there was greater demand then supply. Anyway, we are looking forward to some GREAT reading! Piper is one of our favorite authors - we recently used his book "Don't Waste Your Life" for the highschool Bible study/discussion we lead.


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