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Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Blog is Rated...

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Of course it is. Aidan reads it.

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Rodney Olsen said...

Mine is apparently rated PG.


Because it contains the word 'suck'.

In my post about the Tour de France I wrote, ".... as we see the riders climb mountain passes while they suck in every bit of air they can."

UberGoober said...

I, too, am rated G...but it did flag the word "missionary."

Ariel said...

Rodney, Rodney...and you thought you could sneak such crassness by the MPAA. I guess they showed you.

Uber, they flagged missionary because they weren't sure what kind of missionary. Mormons? Jehovah's Witnesses? Trappist monks? The mere thought is enough to frighten small children.

I was personally put on notice for occasionally spicing up my prose with "death" and "hell."

R. Sherman said...

AJ, I got a PG-13 for "murder," "death" and "terrorism." You people are pikers.

Frankly, though, I should've thought it would have picked up your son's poop/Mizzou apparel references.

Very troubling, that.



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