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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Additional Thoughts on Working Really Hard to "Get Faith"

I want to increase my faith, and I have the plan to do it.

I just need to increase my ability to have a sustained hunger for God. This seems pretty clearly to be a dietary concern. To this end, I'm going organic and learning some transcendental meditation exercises, which should aid digestion. Also, I will eat more bran muffins.

As I carry out this simple plan, I will chart my progress at three hour intervals, recording the varying strength of faith I feel at each juncture. Measuring my faith in this way will help me to notice those times of the day, say, mid-afternoon or immediately after I wake up, when my faith levels may need to be jump-started with a few extra Bible verses. Also, it should be a real morale booster as I see my faith levels explode over time.

Whatever it takes to get my faith up and running at an optimal level.

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Ariel said...

I was having a good time, but I decided I should make this post at least slightly helpful. I couldn't do it in the body because it would ruin the sarcastic-health-food-vibe. So here's something I should say:

Christ gives us the gift of faith and then we struggle to believe the gospel more and more, a fight that is paradoxically carried out via obedience and submission, bending our fragile wills to a stronger will, a greater Master.

It's true. And I feel better now.

John said...

You know what's really ironic is that I actually had the idea once of charting my feelings every 3 hours to see if I could see some kind of pattern. I never did it, but I definitely had the idea.



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