"I hope you know how to frame a photo, Mom" ~ BitterSweetLife

Friday, July 27, 2007

"I hope you know how to frame a photo, Mom"

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Amanda said...

Hi Ariel, I'm a rather new friend of Daniel's from St. Louis. I was at your parent's house the night of Anne's graduation, but was actually gone during the time you were there. However, after I returned Daniel and your mom showed me you blog. I love the captions that you put on Aiden's pictures. They are hilarious!! I also enjoy your writing and look forward to reading more!

Ariel said...

Hey Amanda, thanks very much. I love it when my siblings travel, because it means more readers for my blog. Just kidding.

Daniel was telling me about his St. Louis trip, and it sounds like one of those great, formative times. Hopefully it was that way for you, too.

Oh--Aidan is punching me in the shoulder, telling me to explain that he writes his own picture captions.


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