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Monday, May 14, 2007

Screwtape Letter Reversed

My younger brother Peter recently read The Screwtape Letters and then wrote a reverse-Screwtape-letter, that is, a letter from an angelic being to one of his agents. It is possible that Peter created this letter because he was inspired with irrepressible wonder at the thought of supernatural communiques being sent and received all around us, no less on the divine side than on the diabolical. It is also possible that this was the result of a school assignment. Whatever the case, the resulting combination of theology + imagination + Lewis + Peter is exactly the kind of thing I can't help linking. Here are a few lines from Screwtape Reversed:

If the mortals can be taught this truth that is so often hidden from them by Satan’s emissaries, that they have not done anything to deserve anything from Him, nor can they do anything that would instigate Him to give them anything, many battles we fight today for them would be easier. Unfortunately Satan constantly causes them to forget this reality and convinces them that they have done something to make Him love them. His love is unexplainable; it does not come from anything that anyone can do. He loves them when they fall, when they obey, when they are in His will, and when they are out of it.
You'll enjoy the whole thing.

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Steve said...

Srettel Epatwercs Eht?

Steve said...

That almost looks like a new language.


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