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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Running Through Heaven's Tall Grass

While I was mowing lawns today, I thought about running in Heaven. We will sprint on stable, unaching, unbreakable feet, no overpronation or supination, just simple, flawless running. Our perfect feet will pound the turf, straight up and down, the wind in our hair.

I tried to imagine what races will be like in Heaven. (Whether 10ks or 1000ks, there will be no marathons--the word will have no meaning in a world where muscles do not ache and oxygen does not burn the lungs.) All the running events will be races. The only pictures I could think of were of the mythic Greek Olympians, mortals and the occasional sons of gods competing in fierce and epic feats that you could only believe by calling them legends--but we will all be sons of God in Heaven.

I wonder who will win the races? I'm not a 6'5" Kenyan, but I've always been pretty fast, and I wonder what I could do with a millennium or so of training.

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must_decrease said...

Eric Liddell captured it best when he said, "God made me fast and when I run I feel His pleasure". Running in heaven will capture in a profoundly simple sense the joy we feel when we are doing what we were created to do, for in Heaven everything we are involved with will involve feeling the pleasure of God. Whether running, hooping it up with Pistol Pete, or talking shop with Lewis and Tolkien all will bear manifold witness and give great glory to God. Every activity will be praise directed toward Him. At the end of the day...good money is still on the Kenyan

John B. said...

This is a sneakily-delightful post, sir. Thank you.


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