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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Christianity vs. Atheism Debate

Christianity Today is publishing a blow-by-blow debate between atheist Christopher Hitchens and author/apologist Douglas Wilson. I've enjoyed Wilson's writing for some time in Credenda Agenda, and I recommend this debate highly for its cordiality and rollicking tone (thanks to Wilson). Check it:

P. G. Wodehouse once said that some minds are like soup in a poor restaurant—better left unstirred. I am afraid that I find myself sympathizing with him as I consider atheism. I had been minding my own business on this subject for a number of years when I saw Sam Harris's book on the desk of a colleague, and that led to my book in response, not to mention a review of Richard Dawkins's most recent book, and now a series of responses to your God is Not Great, all culminating in this exchange. I am afraid that my problem is this: The more I stir the bowl, the more certain fumes, mystery meats, and questions keep floating to the surface.

You have to give Wilson a lot of credit for quoting Wodehouse in a theological debate. Chestertonesque.

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Widsith said...

I've been looking for a recommended dialogue on this topic for a while, though I've been too busy lately to notice it on CT. So, thanks for mentioning it! :)

seev said...

Thanks, AJ, for your comment on my blog. I'm very interested in watching or reading the transcript of the Hitchens/Wilson debate. Also, I think I'll check out the Credenda Agenda. Thanks.

Ariel said...

Widsith, you're welcome. I hope you enjoy this debate - I definitely am.

Seev, good to see you around. I'd love to hear further thoughts on the debate and/or Credenda Agenda, whether you post them on your blog or add them here as comments. For most of the people I've encountered, agnosticism is a temporary position that gives way to atheism or some form of belief in God.

I'm interested to know which way you find yourself headed.

Thanks for the comments.


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