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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mystery of the Invisible

For a committed naturalist, the 19th century author Guy de Maupassant convincingly smuggles the supernatural into his writing. I wonder if he really thought he could write off transcendent reality merely by calling it "invisible."

Everything around us, everything we see without looking, everything we brush past without knowing it, everything we touch without feeling it, everything we encounter without distinguishing it--everything exerts rapid, surprising, and inexplicable effects on us, on our organs, and, through them, on our ideas and even on our hearts.

How profound it is--that mystery of the Invisible! - Guy de Maupassant, The Entity

Explanatory note: As I look for creative ways to lessen the pain of studying for my Finals, I'm scanning the ranks of unread short stories on my shelves.

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Widsith said...

I can relate to your last comment. I also seem to accomplish more blogging and extracurricular reading than usual when essay/exam due dates approach. Usually I succeed in justifying it by applauding myself for this burst of 'productivity'! And then I kick myself.

Ariel said...

See! There is a solid rationale for what we're doing: increased productivity. The question is, why do you kick yourself?

I never kick myself. ;)


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