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Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Long Semester's Dying

Takes Time to Wear Off

I know all 12 of you readers have been nervously tracking the recent posts on this blog, noticing that there haven't actually been any, and wondering if I finally tanked like 99.4% of the world's aspiring bloggers. Now I'm here to tell you that you can breathe deep, eat that bar of dark Godiva chocolate you've been saving for a celebration, and rest assured that BitterSweetLife hasn't gone the way of the
Kansas City Kings.

When the semester finally ground to a choking, gagging halt about ten days ago, I realized I needed to immediately activate a dramatic burnout-recovery plan. To get things started on the right foot, I attended my sister's wedding, a joyous occasion filled with out-of-town family and friends. (Actually, I would have attended the wedding even if there hadn't been therapeutic bonus side effects. But I did appreciate the timing.)

When the weekend was over, I quickly resumed my annual summer job as the nation's most theologically astute lawn care services provider. With the help of my theology-loving iPod, I began to immerse myself in lectures, messages and music that I wanted to listen to--and which were, in fact, immensely encouraging and of immediate use despite their not being academically accredited.

I also stopped drinking coffee for several days, started reading Tolstoy's 800-page novel, Anna Karenina in the evenings, and let prospective blog posts float slowly to the surface of my mind at an unregulated speed, without dangling any hooks or suctioning the pool for "new material." The result?

The demons of last semester are gradually being exorcised. In all probability, things around the blog will probably pick up over the next few weeks. If I get to play basketball in the next several days, you can move that time frame up accordingly.

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