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Saturday, May 12, 2007

In Which Aidan & I Shop for Mother's Day Gifts

Aidan and I drove away to look for Mother's Day presents. We drove so fast that we only had time for one Waterdeep song on the way to the store.

At the store, we found a ball and some graham crackers. Then we found some Kenyan coffee and a nice Zinfandel.

Suddenly, we realized that we weren't really shopping for Lindsay, we were just projecting our own consumerist desires onto this opportunity called "Mother's Day." It was a sobering realization. We were so embarrassed that, with penitential bravado, we walked down the cosmetics aisle. Nothing really caught our eye, though, since the women on the packaging looked like Delilah dressed for prom night.

Finally, we settled on a live flower plant. No cut flowers for Lindsay, she deserves better! Aidan pointed out that a "Mum" is a lot like a "Mom," and that settled it. Furthermore, I pointed out that a "Miniature Mum" was pretty appropriate as well. Aidan chuckled.

After finding a couple accessories to compliment Mom's Mums, we stood in line to make our purchases. A middle-aged clerk tried to flirt with Aidan, but he quietly averted his gaze, pretending to smell the flowers. Nice dodge. Then my debit card cleared, and we were out of there, mission complete!

Another successful Mother's Day was literally in the bag.

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Aoko said...

Nice one.

Random, but... did you say Kenyan coffee? Where can I find some? I'm Kenyan and I have to go home to get coffee every year... lol...

A slightly belated Happy Mothers' Day to all of you. Hope she liked the presents.

Ariel said...

Hey Aoko, I'm lucky in that my favorite local roaster, The Roasterie, carries Kenyan from time to time. And local grocery stores carry their stuff. It's a pretty nice arrangement... I recommend trying to find a smaller, local roaster and going from there. They microbeaneries (is that a word? if microbreweries is a word, this should be) tend to have wider selections.

Aoko said...

Thanks! Big help! I've been looking and I think I'm getting warmer every day. LORD bless.


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