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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Finals Fail to Arouse Fury--But Die Nonetheless

The semester is now officially over, my finals having ground to a halt like a bad '80s covers band taking an intermission. Around this time of year, after dismantling my exams, I always feel like I mistook my calling and should have pursued a career in the FBI or armed forces. This time, however, I walked away from the finals firefight thinking, with conviction, Whatever.

Is this the result of battle fatigue finally catching up with me? Or does it reflect more on the nature of the battles being fought? The latter, I'm sorry to say. This Spring's classes, with one exception, were not the kind that inspired heroic effort. Instead, they were the kind that caused general crankiness and a huge coffee dependency.

But they're over now.

My sister is getting married this weekend, so I now turn my thoughts to much, much, much happier things. Next week I'll start my summer job, which involves a lot of sweat and sunburns, but also provides a cool reservoir of time for contemplation, wherein I can splash, relax, and write stories in my head.

As the outdoors and the mental freedom kick in, there should be an accompanying increase in the vitality of this blog, I hope, which has languished some over the last couple months. We'll see. I'm in decompression mode now, and what with my sister's wedding, probably won't be around the computer for the next few days.

Have a good weekend.

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John B. said...

Welcome to "Every Day Is Saturday" mode.

gymbrall said...

I just came here from your Finals' blog, and I have to tell you, they aren't happy... Also, I lent them some hosting space, I hope that's ok... I hope you're granny shot gets better <snicker/>...

Have fun at your sister's wedding. Oh and read Feet of Clay for crying out loud... ;)


Andrew & Alaina said...

Please give my best wishes to your sister! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend of celebration! Congrats on finishing finals!


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