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Friday, July 07, 2006

Weekend Photo: Aidan Poses

These pictures may help explain the nuanced reputation Aidan is developing as a thoughtful, smack-talking, good-looking devil. The black & white brings out the little fellow's artistic tendencies, although at the moment I'm regretting that I didn't post one in color as well.

You should also look for Friday photos from Joe Thorn and Steve McCoy.

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Anonymous said...

Bears a striking resemblance to his dad, and his granddad.

Ariel said...

Really, you are too kind.

Dan Morehead said...

Good looking little guy.

Ariel said...

Thanks, Dan. I've stopped relaying these accolades to Aidan, as he's starting to get a big head about it. We used to call him "Tubby" in order to keep his ego in check, but then he grew two inches and thinned out...Crazy. But he is a good-looking kid.

Boris Carlot said...

I live at 34668 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?


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