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Friday, July 14, 2006

Everyone Wants a Piece of the Indie-Blog

Spammers apparently think their route to infamy is coolness-by-association.

Over the last couple days I've been experimenting with a new comments hack that required me to disable word-verification on comments. Net result: 43 spam comments in about 24 hours. I've deleted most of 'em, but if you subscribe to this blog's comment feed (you probably should), you maybe noticed the ones that escaped.

Be assured the little pests are being hunted down and destroyed. Comment verification is back on, and comment scripts are running smoothly. So talk freely; begin a discussion - this Indie-blog is back on track.

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Anonymous said...

That's an advantage of having pop up comments as well. It's harder for spambots to get to the comments page.

Ariel said...

Yeah...I stopped using pop-up comments to enable a different hack. May not be worth the trouble.


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