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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Ultimate Reality: An Introduction

Glacier Park Sunset

I began this blog with the conviction that the truth we live in and claim to embrace is deeper and stranger than we imagine. Every so often I need a refresher—a big picture view of reality, tacked on the wall for my own good. So consider this a refresher for popular consumption.

Immersion, realization, awakening—would steal our breath and change us if it happened.

Our lives appear mundane, unimportant, and inconsequential, because we live them that way. But realities of terror and awe, wonder and indescribable beauty, stand all around us. We do not see them because we do not look.

We do not look because we are paying bills and taking courses, buying and selling charms and trivialities while life, real life, flows like a river around us—a river of haunting depth and width, but we drift upon scattered wreckage on the surface.

If life had no depth, no great treasures or losses, no magic and no precious beauty, we could not make it so by wishing. But life does, and the inverse is also true: By living blind and petty lives, we cannot invalidate the beauty. It transpires all around us—great battles, epic losses, ecstatic joys and piercing loves, beauty we would die for—but we do not see it.

It rushes past and we claim no part, gain no share in unspeakably sweet glory. We are the bobbing flotsam and jetsam upon a mighty flood of life that swells around us, waves crashing, foam hissing—“AWAKE!”

Awake and swim, and gain high ground, and travel. Awake and fight for beauty and undying joy. Awake and live, for you were loved by Christ before your life began.

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