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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Bill Self Keeps Working Illinois

KU Jayhawk pic

The Lawrence Journal World’s Tom Keegan notes that an interesting plot line is developing with Self’s latest recruiting target out of Illinois, #3 rated Derrick Rose. One of Illinois' native sons prepstars is hoping to keep Rose in-state.

“I want to get Derrick Rose to go to Illinois with me,” Gordon told the Indianapolis Star. “I want people to see us play on the same team and see how good we are together.”

Gordon, who has known Rose for two years, has said he would join Rose’s AAU team for a tournament July 12-15 in North Augusta, S.C.

So what this amounts to is a two-on-one trap with Illinois coach Bruce Weber and Gordon trying to take the prize from Self. If it were a basketball game, my money would be on Weber and Gordon. It’s not. It’s a personality contest. That’s why my money’s on Self, based on nothing more than a hunch.

Given Self’s Julian Wright coup last year, Rose is clearly within reach. The question is, how adept is Self at breaking trick defenses? And the second question is, what color do IL fans turn after they’ve reached “livid?”

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