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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Violent Authenticity

Recovering from my week-long class means catching up on some of my favorite blogs - and, in this case, encouraging you to go have a read as well.

John B. of Blog Meridian outlines the similarities between Fight Club, the movie, and "A Good Man Is Hard To Find," the jarring short story by Flannery O'Connor. The common thread? Two protagonists who are committed to living authentically, no matter the darkness of the implications. John writes:

The Misfit and Tyler Durden, in their own ways seek to live an authentic life. They speak a similar language out of a similar desire to live outside of/beyond the need for Something that transcends their respective messy selves.

This post is provocative, and well worth a read. What does it look like when we look for transcendence, but only on our own terms? (A person who balks at the inevitability of faith in this life finds that the only alternative is nihilistic...)

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R. Sherman said...

Glad you survived. BTW, I'd be interested in your thoughts on the textus receptus v. other manuscripts controversy.


Ariel said...

Thanks, Sherman. As it turns out, I have a little personal interest in the textus receptus thing.

Maybe I'll post a short blurb on it, if I can make the issue understandable...


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