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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Jayhawks Will Rock in '06 - '07

Here's an '06-'07 Jayhawk basketball rundown for you mad NCAA hoops fans to chew on while I am enduring my last class session tomorrow. ESPN has started taking preemptive stabs at next season, and their predictions are pretty far-flung. If you're a Big 12 fan you'll dig this article. And if you're a KU fan, you'll really dig it.

Good times are shooting toward us, and from here the backspin looks excellent. July is a good time to start prepping for November.

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R. Sherman said...

I'm looking forward to Anderson's first year, while trying to manage my expectations.


Ariel said...

From what I've heard, you've got a couple quality young guys coming in. Too bad that Gardner bailed; it would have been good to have him back. No matter whether MU surprises people, though - Anderson has already put them higher on the radar by showing up. "40 minutes of hell"...


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