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Saturday, May 13, 2006

A Sip in Time Saves Mind


I had reached that pre-finals point in the semester, the point where my blood type becomes Coffee by majority vote. It was unfortunate that I had also reached the pre-collapse point where my coffee bean supply reaches the bottom of the jar. There were just days, hours—cups, shots—left before I would have to venture into the outside world and procure more of the life-giving beans.

So the importance of our friend Rebekah’s visit at this juncture can hardly be exaggerated.

Rebekah came to talk and hold Aidan, and because of the goodness of her heart and the far-seeing vision of her soul, she brought gifts. To Lindsay, Rebekah gave a box of Godiva chocolates. And to me and Aidan? That’s right: an entire bag of Roasterie 40 Sardines, a smooth local product blended to perfection.

Aidan and I were almost beside ourselves. And we definitely do not believe in coincidences.

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poco said...

Isn't Aidan a bit young for coffee? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? That would be like saying he is too young for oxygen... when something runs in your blood stream it is only natural... ~manda~

Ariel said...

Aidan certainly doesn't think he's too young for coffee. Even I am surprised (taken aback, even) at the amount of time he spends in front of our espresso machine, grinding coffee beans, steaming milk, measuring our syrup and chocolate. What with the coffee bean grinder starting up every five minutes, it sounds like a machine shop in here. Every time I give Aidan a look, he just tells me he is looking for the perfect crema. Well, OK. That I can understand.

Rob said...

It kinda looks like there is a mouse in your coffee. You might need to check that out. Wouldn't want Aiden to get sick.

littlepeace said...

Oh my, that does rather look like a mouse.
I have had ... six cups of coffee in the last three days, and a great quantity of other caffeine-filled liquids. The topic of defining "friend" by classical literature is weighing heavily on me ...

Ariel said...

"A mouse in the coffee."

Let me guess, you people probably see elephants in the clouds and pythons in the fog? It might be time for a check-up.


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