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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Blog Lands a Shoe Deal

A few of you may remember the book deal and CD deal that this blog was lucky enough to pull down. And of course, the famed coffee deal. Well, further history has been made—and no one was more surprised then I was—when BitterSweetLife acquired its first shoe deal.

It began when an up-and-coming PR-type person sent me a note and pleaded with me to display a “One on One” promotional ad on my site, featuring NBA youngster Carmelo Anthony. He had been drawn to BitterSweetLife by the hoops vibe and swank authenticity that this blog cultivates.

At first I was reluctant, since Jayhawk fans will never forget how KU lost the NCAA title game to Anthony’s Syracuse team in 2003. But then, you can’t blame a player for being good. My love for hoops overwhelmed me, and I caved in.

But not before the PR guy offered me the shoe deal. “Look,” he typed. “Please, PLEASE, put up this ad. My kids are starving, my car is up on blocks, my job is on the rocks. I need the prestige and legitimacy that only a place on your blog can grant me.”

“And?” I typed.

“Well, I’ll send you some Carmelo gear too.”

“Then we have a deal.”

And we did. Yesterday my certified, autographed “gear” arrived in the mail. Check out the shiny new kick:

Carmelo Anthony shoe

If you simply have to have it, to hang in your trophy room, send me a note. No doubt an agreement can be reached.

But for now, The Shoe Deal resides in our apartment, glowing in all its white suede glory.

What more can I expect? A house deal? A job deal?

Nothing will surprise me now.

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Anonymous said...

Ah, Syracuse.

I live there and I'll be attending there next fall, so watch what you say. He's our Carmelo.

littlepeace said...

Did he only send you one shoe?

Will Hicks said...

I am in awe. Endorsement deals? You are my hero.

Anonymous said...

I got a rock.

Sorry, couldn't resist a Charlie Brown reference.

jenn-dogg said...

those don't happen to be in a size 5 and a half to they, i need new sneaks for kickball

Oneway said...

You exhibit a gracious attitude towards 'Melo, one that I cannot match. I will always despise Ray Felton, Sean May, Marvin Williams, and Rashad McCants for beating the Illini.

Ariel said...

Clearly, some additional commentary by me is needed. Kevin, this is your lucky day. You're headed to Syracuse and you happened to read this post. Placed artfully in a dorm room, this shoe could establish your coolness for at least a couple semesters. Just make an offer.

As Littlepeace ascertained, there is only one shoe. After all, it would be a very sloppy autographer who needed both kicks to make his mark. That means that Jenn-Dogg's proposition is out, even if 'Melo was a size 5.5. (He's more like a 12.)

Will, keep in mind the very modest nature of my "endorsement deals" before you get too impressed. Until this stuff leads to some kind of cash flow, all I got is braggin' rights. Which I happily indulge...

Bagel, I may be willing to trade my shoe for your rock. Assuming that it's regulation size, orange, and has plenty of grip left.

Keep this in mind, Oneway: I didn't say that I liked 'Melo, merely that he's good. As I've been ever-so-subtly implying, this swank piece of 'Melo merchandise is looking for the right home...


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