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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hot Links

Hot Links

In the last few days, my mind has acquired that colorless quality that a rubber band gets when you stretch it too far. My mind is still a mind, but it has been utilized so ruthlessly that its elasticity has been compromised. Having just completed my final final, I’m now hoping my mind will rebound like saltwater taffy—the kind that gets stronger and more resilient the more it is yanked on.

That’s beside the point, though.

In the interests of taking a mental break, I’m linking to a few excellent posts I’ve read in the last couple days. Go get ‘em.

Emergent Enemies of Doctrine Affirmed - Sort of
Don't let the title mislead you; this treatment of "doctrine," and how it has fallen on hard times, is incisive and fascinating. Funny too.

The New and Improved Bible
This brilliant post outlines a plan for-- Well, the title says it all. Spectacular satire.

Review: Confessions of a Reformission by Mark Driscoll
This assessment by iMonk is an attention grabber, all the more so because I'll be listening to Mark Driscoll live at the DG conference I mentioned earlier. It would be an understatement to say this review whet my appetite.

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