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Monday, May 15, 2006

Fighting Final Exams

Finals Week has arrived.

I’m currently battling it out with a formidable set of notes from Theology 2 for my exam tomorrow. Due to a variety of circumstances of last week, most of which involved Aidan, I wasn’t able to get started on my test prep until this morning. I know the exam will cover one of two topics:

Four Views of the Atonement
Justification by Grace through Faith

It’s a good thing these two topics are so clear cut and readily digestible. Actually, they are—and this fact should provoke gratitude, since Christianity does not posit arcane, supremely obscure doctrines at the center of faith. Paradox, yes. Mystery, even—yes! But no flat contradictions, no esoteric abracadabra.

I wish I could say the same thing about my notes.

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Verashni said...

Ah! Now there's something I should be studying. Not the self-puffery and contrived complexities of secular academics. I like the paradox and mystery you mention, as opposed to the hair-raising mad-made complications, especially in the social sciences. Not sure what I'm saying here except the age old truth: that the gospel is easy enough for a child to understand. Given than, all the best with your exam!

Andrew Simone said...

For me, TWO MORE DAYS and then I am finshed (Oh! it will be sweet).

Then an entire weekend off with my father visiting.

Keep pushing on Ariel, it does get sweeter.

Ariel said...

I dare say that Theology could use a few more students with your attitude, Verashni. You wouldn't be the first student to defect from Journalism to pursue such a course...

Thanks for the well wishes. Andrew, your words remind me of that elusive reality I so often forget: post-finals life!


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