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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Keepin' It Real

Smashed Car

For about a month now, I’ve been even more in tune with the man on the street, even more deeply authentic in my lifestyle, even more dripping with street cred, than I typically am. How is this possible? you ask. Well, the answer involves broken glass and a lessened ability to drive with confidence.

It all began several weeks ago when an intoxicated weekend partygoer swaggered past our car and decided he needed to prove his audacity to the world by smashing off the driver’s side mirror. No doubt there was an admiring female somewhere in the picture. This, at least, is my working hypothesis. I have no way of confirming it, having been sound asleep at the time.

At any rate, the pictures reveal the outcome.

Smashed Car

In the weeks since “the accident” I’ve transitioned from blind rage to controlled bitterness to a kind of cagey acceptance. While we wait for the insurance check, I am wearing my urban tattoo with pride. I am embracing this overt symbol of dysfunction. I am realer than I’ve ever been.

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Andrew Simone said...

I liked this post.

Maybe one day I will be lucky to have somebody vandilize my car...

poco said...

I once side swiped a parked car while reaching for my cell phone and did the same damage to the innocent car. Those mirrors just snap right off! And they are surprisingly expensive. BTW: I didn't do it this time.

Ariel said...

Andrew, if you're willing to pay to have it done, I could take care of the vandalism. I could make it look totally off-the-cuff or even inadvertant.

JMB, noting the similarities between the accident you described and my own car, I was starting to get steamed...until I read your disclaimer. Nothing like a full confession to make the injured party really mad. ;)


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