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Thursday, May 18, 2006

British BitterSweetLife Readers

As something of a C.S. Lewis acolyte, I admit that I get unduly excited (some would say) when I notice visitors to this blog who hail from England. In recent days, visitors from London, Sheffield and Oxford have trickled in. I get excited over these Brits, and especially the one who checks this blog from…


Since I’ve cultivated a lingering ambition to attend Oxford, the locale does a lot for morale. I like to pretend that Ravi Zacharias has stopped by and is checking in. At any rate, this Oxford reader is clearly a brilliant and discerning person with excellent taste in blogs.

All you Brits are very welcome. And feel free to invite your friends.

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Andrew Simone said...
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Andrew Simone said...

Oxford is a funny little town. I can't imagine living there, let alone schooling there. The idea is too good to even consider.

I must say this, the bird and the kid is certainly a fun place to go but it doesn't have that literary stench we all expect.

Ariel said...

You mean there aren't copies of Tolkien, Lewis, Williams, et all, lining the walls?

Will Robison said...

As with most Alsatian Americans, you are harboring a deep seeded inferiority complex about Oxford and England. You need to return to the homeland and soak up some Alsatian air and get those silly scholarly notions out of your head!

tim said...

This ought to cool your overweaning fascination of the Brits...

More than 60 percent of Britons use items such as screwdrivers, scissors and earrings to remove food from between their teeth, according to a survey published Friday.

The National Dental Survey found that, when it came to oral hygiene, people used whatever was close to hand to pick their teeth.

More than 60 percent questioned by the British Dental Health Foundation said they used makeshift items, including knives, keys, needles and forks.

Story here

Ariel said...

Stop it, just stop it! This all sounds very awful, but you'll drive the Brits away!


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