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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

God Sends Darrell Arthur to the Jayhawks

Another KU Jayhawk Recruiting Coup

KU Jayhawk

Darrell Arthur was one of the top two or three post players in the 2006 high school class and the #16 player ranked nationally. He faked the media out repeatedly with statements about upcoming press conferenceswhich were delayed and canceled over and over. Darrell Arthur flirted with a host of big-time programs including Texas, Arizona, Indiana, and LSU—last year’s runner-up for the national championship. KU was on the list too, but never as the clear favorite.

Arthur strung his schools “of choice” along for as long as possible, confusing his friends, bewildering his family, and baffling all the sports pundits. But in the end he couldn’t resist the call of God.

As the
Lawrence Journal World reports:

After experiencing a vivid dream, Arthur, who averaged 18 points, 10 rebounds and six blocked shots in leading South Oak Cliff to its second straight state title as a senior, rose to his feet with the memory of playing basketball in a Kansas University jersey.

"I prayed on it hard last night," Arthur said of his difficult decision. "It came to me in a dream. It was me playing in a game with a lot of the current players, Mario (Chalmers), Julian (Wright), everyone…"

Asked if he thought his early morning realization was divine intervention, Arthur said: "I think it was."

You should read the whole article, as it’s one of the more unusual recruiting wrap-ups you’ll find. Of course, here in Kansas Jayhawk country, we’re just thanking God.

As well, seldom has the natural connection between theology and hoops been more obvious. And now we can finally lay to rest the petty arguments about who God’s favorite college basketball team really is.

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Will Robison said...

Or perhaps its punishment... I guess we'll know in about six months. ;)

Oneway said...

Congratulations, man. You know, Bill Self was able to get the Illini some nice ballers back in the day. He stole Collins, now Arthur's seeing visions; what is Bill's secret?

R. Sherman said...

I seem to recall something about "disguised as an angel of light."


Pedro said...

UCLA was the runner-up, not LSU. And, yes, we are gonna be unstoppable next year.

Ariel said...

Reeling in a prima donna type player can be a mixed bag...as evidenced by the exit of former KU player Micah Downs (to Gonzaga). True, Downs was a head case, but not every 5-star recruit is willing to "earn" his minutes.

This article notes that Darrell Arthur, who posesses that "wow" factor, is also saying all the right things so far, i.e. "team, family, work." So far so good.

Oneway, apparently Bill Self is a consummate salesman with mad people skills. At least that's the impression I get from reading the press releases.

Sherman, MU has some catching up to do, what with Huggins' arrival at K-State. Unless I'm wrong, MU is the only "border" rival without an incoming McDonald's All American. Get on it.

Pedro, you're such a stickler for terminology. Where's the constructive commentary and genuine hoops smack? C'mon, make me proud. (Little brothers...sigh.)


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