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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Christian T-Shirts Make Excellent Cleaning Rags

For some time now, I've been intending to write a post deprecating the stereotypical, mind-boggling "Christian T-Shirt." Now, thanks to Zach Nielsen, I don't need to. So, in this order:

  1. Check out Zach's thoughtful "Christian T-Shirt" post.
  2. If necessary, rummage through your closet and remove offending items.
  3. Convert them to cleaning rags, fast.

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John B. said...

Thanks for linking to this, Ariel: it brought back a long-dormant memory from my previous teaching job, which I talk about in the comment I left there.

Vitamin Z said...

I posted an update from my time at Spirit West Coast. You can read the best of the best shirts here:

Vitamin Z said...

BTW - thanks for the link!


R. Sherman said...

I've always been troubled by the desire to reduce spirtual truths to advertising slogans. I remember in the sixties there was a poster in the form of a Coke Classic label with the words, "Things go better with Christ." The word "Christ" was formed in the Coca-Cola signature style.

What? Are we now equating eternal salvation with a soft drink?

Good post.


unveiled said...

My husband would love that post. He's always complained about lame christian t-shirts.

Anonymous said...

I guess I don't understand why there is so much animosity toward the Christian t-shirts and bumper stickers. Before I was saved, I used to see them and wonder what the word "Rapture" meant, or why someone's boss is a "Jewish Carpenter." I thought that was some kind of racial slur. I had no idea what that fish symbol was supposed to mean. But those things got me thinking, nonetheless, and stuck in my mind.
I saw some that just said "Jesus," and some that had a picture of a big hand with a nail through it. For someone who has never been to church and knows nothing of Jesus Christ, these were like little seeds. When I started looking for the Truth, I looked in many directions. Christianity was one of those directions only because of the things I saw and heard from people who were saved.
So, to sum all this up, let me just say that I have bumper stickers, car magnets, and t-shirts. I don't want anything that will offend someone, and I try to be aware at all times that I am being watched by the unsaved world for any signs of hypocrisy. So this also serves as a reminder for me to behave the way Christ has commanded me to.
But I have had the opportunity to witness because of these "slogans," also. Complete strangers have approched me with questions about my faith or asking for help (i.e. gas in their car, and elderly couple whose car was broken down and needed a ride)because they saw a slogan on a shirt or a bumper sticker.
My children have shirts that simply say "I Love Jesus." How could anyone find that offensive? My favorite is the one that says "My Life Was Saved By A Blood Donor." People see that and ask a question-BOOM!-an open door for me to share the gospel and my testimony. Or they just say how much they like the shirt, and maybe we get into a conversation about our walk with God, how we came to know Jesus, or just some friendly Christian fellowsip.
I only found these coments while Google-ing for more shirts!
I hope everyone can imagine what it is like to grow up with no religion and have a big empty space in your heart. I just use the shirts and bumper stickers to get people to ask questions and let them know I am a fellow Christian if they need help.
I pray that God lets someone who needs to see my shirt read what it says, because I can't walk around all day long saying out loud "Hey, does anyone want to know how to meet Jesus?" But my shirt is seen by so many people every time I go out my door, far more than I could witness to. I consider it a tool in my personal ministry!


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