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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Later Doors (Poem)

Spiritual doors

I haven’t posted a poem for awhile (should a guy who likes smack talk ever post poems?), but the idea for this one arrived mysteriously last Saturday night. True to my Writing at Night standard, I waited until the next morning to arrange the concept into something resembling poetry. And displaying still more restraint, I waited until Tuesday to finish it.


Later Doors

Wisdom makes me see
the doors through which
I thought I would precede
and which are closed.
But also I perceive
the later doors
which offer passage now
but cannot all be tried;
and still more doors
that stand ajar beyond
on country I cannot conceive.
Now which of these, I wonder,
would I not concede
for brighter corridors ahead?
A doorframe with a lion's crest?
The later way is better;
The far turn more mysterious;
The final hinge is best.

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Dustin said...

Great Poem! (If one guy can be so inclined to say such to another gentleman.)

I am dealing with the doors of life as we speak, trying to figure out which ones God has opened, and which ones He has locked from the inside.

Ariel said...

Thanks, Dustin. By complimenting the poem, you have affirmed that we are both very comfortable in our masculinity, and beyond this, that we are both fairly intuitive and artistic. I think we can both feel quite good about this state of affairs.

More seriously, "doors" have proven to be one of those enduring metaphors for me. I don't always understand why life branches and turns the way it does, but I am learning to live within the "corridors" where I find currently myself.

Knowing Christ, and thus my ultimate destination, makes unexpected turns OK.

Will Robison said...

Don't forget that sometimes the doors don't appear to be doors at all... but the entrance to a wardrobe or some such. ;)


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