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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Consoled by Poetry: On Death, Glimpses of Glory

Boethius said something about the consolation of philosophy. So why not philosophic poetry? As Summer buries itself in a pile of leaves, I keep thinking about cause and effect; acts and their consequences. Evasive clues point back to unmistakable causes.

Sound through Water, Sin through Time

60 feet out and underwater
I heard the tether cables rattle
as the dock again went spinning
courtesy of my brother.

Walking beneath a summer shade tree
I caught the fleeting smell of autumn
as the leaves in twos were dying
courtesy of Adam.

A related poem about Summer's death revealing "thin places"

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tim said...

I like this poem a great deal!

The two stanzas have a beautiful sort of divergent symmetry that connects two hugely distant events in less than 50 words.

I know it's early for this sort of conjecture, but this poem has made quite a good impression on me--it may be one of your better short poems.

NightSkye said...

The angle.. the symmetry.. unusual. Good!

Warrior Poet said...

The eventful symmetry connects a sort of Yen/Yang rendition of reality. I think that sharp contrasts are necessary to establish a distinctive style. And, in postmodernist writing, style is everything.
By the way, I hate to introduce myself this way, but I unfortunately do not have Opra to spread the word for me. Like many underground writers, I have to work at selling myself but you might check out my prologue to "Hope In A Nutshell," my first novel, at my blog site.
The site is for school (I attend the University of Arizona) so don't be surprised to find a lot of literary analytical stuff. But the prologue is called "The Need For Seed." I hope you enjoy and keep up the good posts.

Camille said...

ahhhh, you said boethius... he's a happy thought.

Ariel said...

Thanks for the thought, Tim. Perceptive commentary on poetry is a rare gift, and I put some stock in your analysis.

Warrior, ying/yang is fairly antithetical to my perspective, but I agree that contrast is helpful to get a point across. I'll take a look at your site.

Nightskye, Camille, thanks for the comments. Everyone should read more Boethius. ;)

Ryan said...

i really love the phrase "courtesy of adam." it's haunting in some way.

gymbrall said...

Always a pleasure to read the things you take the time to write. I posted my impressions here


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