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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Feeding Your Mind

A perfect retreat-ing path

Lindsay and I just returned from a weekend retreat where we heard several thought-provoking talks and soaked up the perfect fall weather. Of course, substantial post ideas are percolating.

However, this note is to inform BitterSweetLife's email subscribers that their loyalty has just been rewarded. They've been been upgraded from Bloglet to Feedblitz, an impressive new subscription service. From this point on you'll be receiving full content, including photos. (If you prefer teaser content only, simply scroll down and sign up with BlogFlux instead, under "delivery options.") In order to transfer over to Feedblitz... simply do nothing. The process is automated, and you're taken care of. Of course, if you do have questions, go ahead and send me a note (see sidebar).

It goes without saying that for those of you who've been holding out on the subscription thing, the deal just got sweeter. And if email is not your forte, be sure to check the various RSS/XML options as well.

All right, public service announcement complete.

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Andrew Simone said...

Nice use of the word "forte."

J said...

Are the photos on your site yours, or do you get them from other sources?

Ariel said...

Heh heh, thanks oc. But notice I didn't actually pronounce it. Those confused by oc's off-hand reference will want to peruse the comments on this post about Flying the Big Words.

J, the photos are mine, all mine. I need to find a way to make that clear, although I do have a Creative Commons license covering 'em. I have no problem with people using them online, however, provided I get credit (a link).


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