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Friday, October 14, 2005

Jayhawks Basketball Blast

The phog is rolling in. Those who are KU devotees, NCAA fans, hoops aficionados, or looking to make inroads into hep culture will pay heed.

A small explosion of Jayhawks hoops news has appeared on the Lawrence Journal World's site, in anticipation of Late Night at Allen Field House, which kicks off the season tonight.

For those who constantly monitor the Jayhawks' firepower, this article where Bill Self name-drops the top two players on the roster will be essential (and perhaps surprising). For you admirable but uninformed people who are just getting up to speed, Gary Bedore's round-up of the off-season may be necessary (read it already). As well, there are updates on the freshmen, specifically Micah Downs, and the usual entertaining speculation about lineups.

Basketball is calling.

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mikeofearthsea said...

No matter what you do, no matter where you run, no matter where you try to hide, the Wake Forest Demon Deacons will be in your rear-view mirror... watching... waiting...

(it's no prophecy but I'm always up for a good challenge...)



R. Sherman said...

You forgot one thing: MIZZOU-RAH!


R. Sherman
Mizzou '82, '87.

Ariel said...

Yes. YES! A little hoops smack brightens the entire day. I always like it when the other guy shows spirit.

Mike, from what I've heard, the Deacons will be formidable this season. I'm not sure how KU would meet 'em outside of the NCAAs, but if they do meet, your team still gets spanked, 87-78.

R. Sherman, as a KC local, I have deep appreciation for your spirit and your affection for the past. However, I'm not quite clear on what you're cheering about...


Hope you guys stick around; I'm trying to develop the much-neglected hoops-talk aspect of the blog.

Andy said...

Once again, no love of West Coast hoops east of the Sierra Nevada...alas that East Coast/Midwest bias against the West continues once more...

Shows itself in football, and definitely shows itself in hoops...

Ariel said...

I've got nothing against West Coast hoops. Historically, CA has been a sweet recruiting pipeline for the Jayhawks. I can hardly complain, and continue to wish those prep stars all the best...

Oh, but you were talking about NCAA-level hoops, weren't you? Oops. So, uh, who plays out there?


R. Sherman said...

I like the idea of a combined theology/basketball based blog. It would certainly serve a much neglected market in the blogosphere. As for my beloved Tigers, yea verily, they always step it up with the KU.

One quick question. Please tell me what "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" means.


R. Sherman

Oneway said...

After the championship game last year when those villians stole the crown, I lack the enthusiasm you display, Ariel. Oh, and the Illini lost Luther, D Will and the Rev. Powell.

But the NBA, now, that's some fine ball...

Ariel said...

New tagline, thanks to R. Sherman: Hoops and da Word- you dig? You're right, the KU-MU games are always along the lines of trench warfare. Especially at the Hearnes Center, where the Tiggers feel like they have a fighting chance.

As to the "Rock Chalk Jayhawk" thing - I'm glad you asked. In Latin, the mother language of all storied fight songs, it means "We're going to the big dance and ain't nobody stopping us."

Oneway, I'm feeling for you. I guess right now's probably not a good time to mention Sherron Collins. Oops.

Although I was rooting for the Illini last March... Believe me.


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