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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Gap In My Break

It's a beautiful day. I've read it on the internet weather reports.

I never thought it would come to this. Here I am on my “Fall break,” writing the end-of-semester paper for my History of Christianity class. Ridiculous.

Believe me, I’d much rather be honing my hoops game or writing a new short story. Or a blog post. Instead, I’m diligently preserving my chances of bagging a straight A stat line this semester.

There are, of course, extenuating circumstances: all four of my classes feature a big term-ending research paper. My only chance of survival, as I see it, is to strike now, and incapacitate a couple of these monsters before they team up and choke me. The high level of aggression required by my latest "creative writing" stunt (3-in-1-day-midterms) left me slightly shaken, so it’s a good thing I can take on these latest assailants one at a time, and on my own terms.

However, I have come across some provocative quotes.

Check out Tertullian, pointing up the nature of True Reality:

God is everywhere, and the goodness of God is everywhere; demons are everywhere, and the cursing of them is everywhere; the invocation of divine judgment is everywhere, death is everywhere, and the sense of death is everywhere, and all the world over is found the witness of the soul.

Or poor Pliny the Younger, giving his take on the beast called Christianity:
The contagion of this superstition has spread not only in the cities but in the villages and rural districts as well; yet it seems capable of being checked and set right.

And back to Tertullian:
There is power also in brevity.

I’m out.

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