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Saturday, October 15, 2005

A Road Trip, Not a Vacation

Lindsay and I spent the better part of the weekend helping some friends move from Des Moines, Iowa to Rochester, Minnesota. The scheme involved a late, late arrival in Rochester Saturday night and about 12 hours on the road. Now, after lifting heavy boxes (with ease, of course), staking out carpet space for our sleeping bags, and touring the scenic I-35 route through Iowa a couple times in 24 hours, we're back—tired, philosophical, and oddly satisfied.

The family got moved. We did it. It's done. It was a unique and somewhat far-fetched chance to help out, and therefore all the more worthwhile. I also got to drive a borrowed BMW 200 miles in the dark of night, and as a perk, that's not bad. The BMW's perk wasn't bad either...

I wish I had the staying power to write a real post, but as you can see from the wandering commentary above, that's out of the question. I'm going to bed; but we are back.

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