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Monday, July 14, 2008

Running Update # 1

On Saturday I went running for the first time in at least 5 years. I used to run several times a week, but back in 2000 I started having shooting pains in my knees, and I decided to quit running rather than go in for surgery. But on Saturday I was home alone, doing writing work all day, and when the skies cleared after hours of rain, I decided, What the heck, I need to get out of here anyway...

So I pulled on my Adidas running shoes, which obviously haven't been actually used much, walked over to our city park, and took off down the winding running track. One loop did it for me. Probably about a mile, but I could feel the muscles in my upper legs stiffening up, so I called it quits. Best part: my knees felt fine, maybe because of the rubberized track surface?

On Sunday I played some half-court basketball, so today my legs feel like wooden sticks that I'm operating with ropes and levers. But there's an inner smugness that I suspect is occasionally appearing on my face. Ha, I went running. Ha ha!

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Will Robison said...

Good for you.

Though I suspect with two little ones, this isn't the first time you've gone running in the past five years ;)


Ariel said...

Good point. The human blurs that live in our house may explain how I could make it as far as I did.

Will Hicks said...

Ariel, last week I went out and ran a mile and a half for the first time since I was wearing blue shorts and a blue T-shirt every morning.

I still hate it.

Ariel said...

@ Will, wow, the simple mention of blue shorts and T-shirt takes me back to the frigid, nose-killing air of the Upper Peninsula. I always thought you talked a better 2 mile than you actually ran. jk

Will Hicks said...

I was up there a couple years ago and spent hours just walking around.

Just being up there is a spiritual experience for me. I wish I could just buy it and move up there.

I would also like a Michael Phelps 8-pack, as long as I'm wishing.

Ariel said...

If I make it back to the North Woods, I'm sure I would do the same. Go and track down some of the locations I accidentally discovered while hiking...and remembered ever since.


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