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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Revelation by Third Day (Music Review)

Over the last several days I've been listening to Revelation, the new album from Third Day. I was a fan of some of Third Day's older stuff, including their first Offerings album, which I thought bucked the trend of overly-produced, overly-clich├ęd "worship" music back in the '90s. Since then I haven't been tracking with the group. Turns out this is a good time to tune back in.

When I got a review copy of Revelation, I was flattered enough to give it a spin. It didn't hurt that all of Third Day's current members signed the CD liner. OK, not really. But here's what I liked about this one.

Third Day worked with producer Howard Benson on this effort (Daughtry, My Chemical Romance, P.O.D.) and the collaboration pays off with an edgy, aggressive album that slides between classic rock and Southern rock with some ballads thrown in. I like the focused energy of Mac Powell's vocals—he's got a muscley voice—that's showcased by stripped-down guitar riffs and some catchy melodies.

Based on what I know about Third Day's discography, I'm guessing the band is pretty true to form on this one. No real musical evolution here, no crazy experimentation. However, it would be a mistake to judge these guys by the indie rock standard. They set out to make straightforward rock (you know, with some nice distortion), and after two decades of making albums, they've developed a full package.

If I'm any judge, Revelation shows Third Day at the top of its game. Brooding questions and passionate appeals, enunciated in Powell's growling voice, have the hooks to stick with you. This is a tough rock album that hits you right in the chest and knocks you back a few steps.

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Donna said...

I LOVE "These Thousand Hills"! I think of it often when riding my horse through the countryside, and I have it on the list of songs I would want played at my funeral.

I'll check Third Day's latest album out.


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