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Monday, July 07, 2008

Lori Chaffer in Pitch, Waterdeep on NoiseTrade

The Pitch, one of Kansas City's news-mags, features an article about Lori Chaffer. Good insight into her songwriting and the "Christian" music industry.

Lori released a solo album a couple years ago (1beginning), but if you know her name, it's likely because of Waterdeep, the indie band that she and husband Don Chaffer founded. Waterdeep is a local favorite with a pretty storied history, and they achieved some national recognition a few years back.

In addition, Heart Attack Time Machine, the latest Waterdeep album, is available for "whatever you want to pay" on NoiseTrade. This one is a folky album highlighted by Lori's vocals, and I put it on my Top Albums of 2007 list. You should grab it.

HT: Cawleyblog.

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