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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Marketing Lessons from the Joker

My friend Will is a real estate agent living in Memphis who roots for UCLA. Fortunately, he has some redeeming traits, like a great eye for lessons in pop culture and a wicked sense of humor. Check out his recent post on Marketing Yourself as a Supervillain. Excerpt:

Supervillains work on 100% Commission. As a real estate agent, if I don’t make a sale, I don’t get paid. As a Supervillain, if Joker doesn’t rob the bank, he doesn’t get paid.

Supervillains must be masters of marketing. You must stand out from the crowd. If every other mobster is wearing a plain gray suit, wear a purple one so your clients won’t forget you.


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Will Hicks said...

You are too kind.

must_decrease said...

Wearing freakish makeup, blowing things up and causing terror doesn't hurt your attraction factor either


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