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Friday, July 04, 2008

Feist for $5: The Reminder

We just got back from picking blueberries with the kiddos and we're about to head back out for fireworks and maybe some volleyball. But quick heads up: You can download Feist's highly regarded album (made my Top Ten list in 2007), The Reminder, for $5 at Amazon. This is a "$5 Friday" deal, so grab it fast--the discounted prices are usually good for a couple days.

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Will Hicks said...

That's a great CD. Like Jewel before she became terrible.

Ariel said...

Ha, good way to put it. Let's hope that Feist doesn't suffer a similar fate.

Will Hicks said...

Speaking of Jewel, I got her new "country" CD. Unlistenable. It's terrible. Gimme back my $14.

Ariel said...

Have you tried KT Tunstall? Better by far than Jewel at this point in her career.

Will Hicks said...

I got her first CD (with "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree") and I kinda liked it. Didn't like it enough to to pick up her second one though.

I was waiting tables when "Black Horse..." was real big. Do you know what that song is about? I didn't until one of the waitresses 'splained it to me.

Ariel said...

Uh, I think I know what it's about. I'm almost afraid to verify, though. Lay it on me.


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