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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jim Caviezel in Outlander Movie

The international trailer for this film was just released. As a lover of medieval/epic films, I'm willing to go out on a limb and say that Outlander, starring Jim Caviezel as an alien (he looks human) who crash lands on earth in the year 709, and a vicious dragon-like creature, looks pretty promising. (Especially in light of last year's disappointing attempt at bringing Beowulf to the screen.) Barrie Osborne, the producer of the Lord of the Rings movies, also produced this "sci fi Viking epic." Before you dismiss it as too weird, take a look.

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David said...

A small quibble with your dismissal of Beowulf: I saw the film in the somewhat vaunted 3D (glasses and everything) and it struck me exactly the same way Beowulf (text version) struck me in Western Civ.: somewhat overly long, unbalanced in plot and pacing, but weird and entertaining in its sheer difference from the highly developed conventions of today's fiction. And there was a moral of sorts, even.

Jim Caviezel is, as always, a mightily unrecognized actor. "Outlander" deserves a look merely for that--along of course, with Mr. Osbornes hilarious descriptor: "sci-fi Viking epic."

//David L.

Ariel said...

Maybe it was the 3D that I missed. As the movie started, I thought the pseudo-animated effect was kind of cool. Then as the story progressed, I changed my mind and decided it detracted from the seriousness of the original epic. You're right, there was a strong moral, though.

Will Hicks said...

There's a big review/open letter to the-powers-that-be over at Ain't It Cool News. They loved it.


There's lots of "mommy and daddy" words over there. Watch the kiddos.

Aage said...

In general I think Outlander was a good movie. It reminded me of a bit of The 16th Warrior with Antonio Banderas.


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