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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Kansas Jayhawks Are #2 NCAA Team in the World

Blogging will be light this week, because we'll be heading out of town this weekend and I have a bunch of stuff to get done first. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that the Kansas Jayhawks rank #2 in ESPN's "Prestige Rankings." This is where they attempt to quantify the greatness of the NCAA hoops programs since the 1984-1985 season.

So in other words, KU is currently the #2 greatest NCAA basketball program in the world.

Of course, by now KU fans are getting used to thinking of the Jayhawks as the universe's #1 team. So why am I celebrating this head nod from ESPN? Largely because the future is bright, Bill Self is chasing down high profile recruits, and KU's arch-nemisis, North Carolina, was handed the #3 spot.

Being stuck behind Duke isn't exciting, but I'd sure as heck be behind the Blue Devils than the Tarheels. Eat your heart out, Roy Williams.

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Will Hicks said...

Selective reading, Jayhawk friend o'mine.

What's this?

"Did you know? If this was an all-time list, the Bruins would be sitting on top of the heap."

Huh. Funny that.

Ariel said...

You know, it broke my heart that the Wooden years weren't factored into the Prestige Rankings. Broke my heart.

The Bruins have prestige, it's just old-school. You know, as in several decades ago. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Honestly though, with Howland in charge, the Uclans will make repeated runs at the trophy. And unless KU is there to stop them, they'll win one in the next few years...

Will Hicks said...

Yeah, I agree with that. Jim Rome says Howland is the new Roy Williams. "It's not a matter of "if" he'll win a championship, it's a matter of "when"".

Wikkid said...

What do you mean?

Will Hicks said...

Howland is too good a coach to go his whole career without a national title.

Roy Williams was the same way, but he's got his now.


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