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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Term is Over

We have just determined that my seminary days are over and I'm now a genuine graduate. Hallelujah.

For the last month I've been literally slaving away in my final class, a "preaching lab"--which, yes, is probably the most unusual "lab" you could ever hope to encounter. I presented a series of four messages which were graded on a very involved rubric that included stuff like cross references, theological terminology, historical backgrounds, appropriate gestures, voice get the idea.

I gave my fourth message yesterday, and as of TWO MINUTES AGO, Lindsay and I examined the syllabus and determined that there's absolutely nothing to gain from putting together an optional fifth message. So voila, my accumulated grades have spoken, and I'm now a real graduate. HA! How do you like them apples, School? Told you I'd get the best of you in the end!!

To borrow and completely mis-apply some of C.S. Lewis' language, "The term is over: the holidays have begun." True, in this case, the holidays will involve copywriting, lots and lots of sweat expended in church planting, moving, and possibly a job search--but Man, it's good to be out of school.

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Andy said...

Congrats, dude! 'Bout time.

Now the real work begins.

Honey said...

sent over from randal, congratulations indeed and as instructed:
whatever that means!

Nutsy Fagan said...

Hey there, I come by way of Randall's blog. Congratulations on your achievement!


Will Robison said...

Congratulations! Now I shall have to come up with a new way to describe you to non-blogging friends since I can no longer say, my seminary student friend in Kansas. Perhaps, my church planting friend in Kansas?

Now, to get you used to the disappointments of real life, I am going to add to the growing list of people who say:


(But you can afford to be magnanimous with that large trophy over there at K-U.)

Terry Thornton said...

Randall put me up to this --- but he is usually very good at steering others. He is, after all, in the legal profession. Congratulations on your achievement --- preaching will take you places but baby tossing is much too risky. Now someone tell me what a MIZZOU-RAH! TIGERS! yell is about.

All I know is YEA! OLE MISS!

Gretchen said...



sage said...

Coming over from Randalls--Congratulations and blessings upon your journey! Noticed the books you're reading--somewhere in my archives there is a review of Miller's "Through Painted Deserts" I liked his "Blue Like Jazz" better!

problemchildbride said...

Well done! Graduation is a fine feeling.

I'm here via Randall and I've been told to yell


Benjamin said...
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Benjamin said...

Congrats! I pray the next steps flow smoothly into God's work.

Ironically, I'm over here from Randal's comment on one of your posts.

MIZZOU-RAH!...Buggers. *grabs Kleenex*


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