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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Aidan Dabbles in Black Magic

Aidan thinks "the magic word" is really magic. Like every other two-year-old, he sees stuff he absolutely must have that second whenever he goes out in public. Usually, these objects which awaken the latent materialism in his little heart are in the possession of someone else. I mean, of course: Why else do we see three-foot-tall humans engaged in fisticuffs in the woodchips?

So what does Aidan do? Asks permission to unleash the magic, of course. Asks to detonate the word to which there can be no answer:

"Daddy, say 'Please' to kids with ball?"

Because he knows that, if I will allow him to say the P-word, those kids playing with the ball will suddenly become former owners.

So far, I haven't let him approach strangers to ask for their balls, lollipops, Sprite, what have you. I'm starting to wonder, though, if maybe I should. Just once or twice. To let Aidan learn that the magic "Please" is not really the non-negotiable road to dominion that he thinks it is.

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Steve said...

I think it's all in how how actually say the word. If you say it nicly in an interrogative statement, you may get a no in response.

If you say it in a more forceful manner, one that is demanding rather than interrogative, you could find your way on the road to dominion.

Of course, that really only works if there's some implied threat associated with saying no. As such, I don't think Aidan will have much luck at this point.


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