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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Power of One Good Endorsement

I turned down a first invitation to read Christian George's Sex, Sushi and Salvation, before noticing this blurb on the back:

This exotic potpourri of life slices vividly projects the truth that our Redeemer God alone can fulfill the desires for intimacy, community, and eternity that he has implanted in us. A top-class read... - J.I. Packer, author of Knowing God

So the second time around, I thought, How can you turn down a thumbs-up from J.I. Packer? Seriously, I don't care if this book does have a garishly painted, chopstick-wielding femme fatale's hand on the cover. I don't care that it appears to be another Donald-Miller-style search for God via global travel/stylish personal manifesto. I don't even care that Packer said "exotic potpourri" in his endorsement, which would normally disqualify this book as fit for male consumption.

Darn it, I'm going to give it a shot! So far, Sex Sushi & Salvation has been better than expected, and may get a review here. We'll see...

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Ched said...

And that the list of works under the "Customers who bought this also bought this" slide in features, "The Shack," "UnChristian," and "Sex God."

Anonymous said...

could it be that this is an example of deutero-Packer? I would argue that the words "exotic potpourri" are more than a hapax legomena...I think we're into pseudepigraphal territory here.

tread carefully, my friend.

Ariel said...

Nice, two comments in a row that made me laugh out loud!

@ Ched, this book is obviously targeting that rarest of niche markets--Christians who are fascinated by sex, provocative titles, and sushi.

@wmson, "Could it be that this is an example of deutero-Packer?"

HA HA HA! We'll have to compare this Packer blurb to previous, eyewitness accounts. Maybe it is a clever forgery.


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