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Friday, June 20, 2008

I'm Not Sure I Should Call This a Post

Occasionally a blogger will feel badly enough about his inability to write a substantial post that he'll write a guilty note and post that instead. This is one of those times.

My "Preaching Lab," the final class for my Master of Divinity degree, has been consuming my time like Michael Moore eating french fries. It's kind of like completing a lengthy research paper every week and then presenting in such a way that all your footnotes are incorporated audibly.

Oh yeah, and I'm also trying to develop a marketing plan for my freelance copywriting business.

Fortunately, that class is just about over. Coming up are some posts that will contain more than two or three sentences, including a couple book reviews (one by Aidan).

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Steve said...

Was that a slam at Michael Moore? On BitterSweetLife?

I'm shocked!

Ariel said...

Famous fat people of all stripes have to watch their backs when I go looking for that kind of metaphor. But yeah...Mr. Moore's "journalism" doesn't score any points with me.

R. Sherman said...

Have you thought about podcasting your sermons?




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