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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paul Pierce, Celtics, Steal Game Four

So you know the Boston Celtics have the L.A. Lakers down 3 games to 1, right? And that no NBA team has ever come back to win the title after being down 3 to 1? Did you know that the Celtics set a new record for the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history? And that Paul Pierce arguably did the best job defending Kobe Bryant that anyone ever has? That the Celtics have a chance to end the series on Fathers' Day?

Didn't think you knew.

Watch the video. I love Pierce's post-game interview. Like Kobe, he's a flat-out competitor. But unlike Kobe, he manages to preserve the human touch while killing teams... On guarding Kobe: "I just wanted to make it hard for him."

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