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Monday, October 29, 2007

What if Your Blog Was a Book?

I was toying with this idea over the weekend: blogs in book form. Lindsay and I decided we would like to make some more money, just for a change of pace, and then Aidan pointed out that if I cut and pasted a bunch of blog posts into MS Word and sent the document to a publisher (with some minor edits, like replacing :)s with equivalent words) it would probably be a smash hit.

Actually, none of that happened--except for the part about us wanting more money--but I was entertaining myself and Lindsay (to a lesser degree) by trying to come up with titles that would be somewhat representative of this blog.

For example: Glowing Ruins--Profound but Earthy Observations about Reality, Illusion, and the State of the World.

Or: Fallen DNA: The Tragic Story of my Lost NBA Career

Or: My Blood Type is Coffee, Doctor: A Frivolous Tale of Addiction

In the same spirit of silliness, I invite you to create a title that encapsulates your own blog, or that of someone else. Another example, this time for Justin Tayler's blog, Between Two Worlds: Sovereign Blurbs: An Annotated Bibliography of Conservative Calvinists I Have Met Over the Years. Or Musings from the Hinterland: Clever Yellow Attorney: In Defense of Life, Hiking, and MU Hoops Mediocrity. And I could go on...but maybe you will.

This could be an opportunity for accolades, backhanded compliments, or clever hyperbole, as the mood seizes you. Any takers?

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R. Sherman said...

I should think Theological Verites In Black & Gold would be more appropriate.

BTW, there's a reason I sent my daughter to a Lutheran high school which embraces those colors.

Rear up a child . . . and all that.


Steve said...

Don't knock the blog to book idea. Wil Wheaton has taken posts from his blog and put them into book form.

Will Robison said...

Bittersweet Hoops: The Rise and Fall and Fall again of KU Basketball and one fan's reactions.

or for my own blog...

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

John B. said...

Seriously, do you know about Lulu?

Ariel said...

I've seen LuLu before...nice site. I guess self-publishing is becoming more respectable, but it still seems like a last resort to me. You know, books that get self-published typically are the ones that can't make it in the open market. Although I could be wrong...build a big enough reader base, and some bloggers could cash in by publishing/selling a few thousand copies.

Hello? Is Anybody Out There?

Nice, Will, but too non-specific. Most of us could claim that title at some point during any given week... If I was titling your site, I'd work in Witty Novel-Rewriter somehow.

Regi G said...

For your site, Ariel: Linguistics That Make Your Neck Hurt, to start.

For mine...

I might have enough material for a pamphlet each year.

Well, I don't think I should publish mine in book form. I might be the reason Fahrenheit 451 becomes reality. ;p

What my blog needs: good debates. Of course, good debates require a fair amount of time, and I don't have much. *cries, obnoxiously*

Regi G


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