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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Seven Facts About Me That Only My Mom Knows

OK, Lindsay Knows Too, But That Would Ruin the Title

, at Out of the East, has tagged me, demanding that I reveal seven strange facts about myself (just 7?). Not only is Manna a friend of the family, she's also a phenomenally talented artist--and so I will cede to her request. However, my blog tells me that he's tired of running around the blogosphere trying to tag other blogs (it interrupts his pickup hoops games) and so I'll respect his feelings on that count.

Seven Weird, Random, Strange (or Unknown) Facts About Me

  1. I played center on my junior high basketball team. That was before my growth spurt abruptly ended.
  2. While I was age 12, I had 17 pet garter snakes as pets. At the same time.
  3. All the books in our apartment are color-coded. Aesthetically, it's so much better--and it's easy to find the book you want, too.
  4. I can cross my big toe and my second toe, like crossing your fingers. Effortlessly. Whenever I want.
  5. When I walk into a room and size people up, I think: I could handle him in a one-on-one hoops game . And him. And him...
  6. I was briefly recruited by the FBI.
  7. My favorite coffee-growing regions are Ethiopia, Costa Rica and Tuscany. (And my birthday is November 8--consider that a bonus random fact.)
If you think your random facts can compete with mine, which I seriously, seriously doubt, trot 'em out and link 'em in the comments. I dare you.

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Jimmy Snowden said...

I have decided to step up to the "random facts" challenge.

Check out my "random facts" at:

Jimmy Snowden

Jimmy Snowden said...



Ariel said...

A valiant attempt, my friend. My seven facts nod condescendingly at yours. ;)

Educator-To-Be said...

Very cute.

But please, please, PLEASE, explain the garter snakes!


Ariel said...

But please, please, PLEASE, explain the garter snakes!

I thought that was one of the more transparent facts. What's to explain?

Well, we lived near a park where garter snakes held an annual Woodstock-like event, and it was easy to catch them. So I did. Eventually, I decided that the novelty of owning 17 snakes had worn off (they ate a lot) and released them all at once. That went down as Independence Day in snake history.

John said...

So how many colors are there in your book system then?

Here's my seven facts:

Ariel said...

So how many colors are there in your book system then?

At a general level, there are shelves for blue, green, red-&-black, green-white-&-orange, light brown, copper-&-black, orange, burgundy-&-black...this is the for the solid-color books. Thankfully, most spines are a single color--a fact you'll be very happy to learn, since I know you are contemplating a color system yourself...


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